Culture Survey

Most businesses seek to be more effective and achieve better results In pursuit of this goal time, energy and money are often spent on improving technology and systems. However, businesses often neglect to take the time to understand how their people feel about the workplace, and it’s the people who use the technology and operate the systems. Failing to understand how your people truly feel about the workplace can be a costly mistake!

What do you get?

The Cardinal Solutions culture survey delivers a powerful litmus test of the culture within your business. It provides an opportunity for your people to give you feedback on how they feel about nine key areas of your business:

  1. Is the purpose of the business clear?
  2. How effective are the leaders?
  3. Is communication open?
  4. Are people interested and challenged?
  5. How proud are people to work here?
  6. Is there good teamwork?
  7. Is performance managed effectively?
  8. Is there continuous improvement?
  9. See the right things recognised?

On completion of the process you get:

  • An electronic copy of the report.
  • Two bound copies of the report.
  • An A3 poster summarising the results.
  • A PowerPoint presentation to brief your team on the result.s
  • A guide how to use the report to generate change in your business.

Can we customise the Culture Survey?

Absolutely! We can customise the Culture Survey and report to meet the specific needs of your business.

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