360 Degree Feedback

One of the most powerful personal development tools at management level. Just as it name implies, this feedback about a leader’s performance comes from all perspectives; their direct reports, their own manager, peers, and sometimes even customers. All people who have a direct knowledge of the person’s work performance are asked to anonymously contribute helpful insights to help that manager become a better leader.

A powerful development tool

360 degree feedback is a highly effective development tool. Feedback recipients gain valuable insight into how others perceive their work performance. This creates an opportunity to adjust behaviours and develop skills that will enable them to improve their personal effectiveness.

What does it measure?

The standard Cardinal Solutions 360 degree feedback tool is comprised of six competencies.

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Personal effectiveness
  4. Managerial skills
  5. Problem solving and decision making
  6. Strategic ability

Can it be customised?

Absolutely! We can customise the survey and report to meet the specific needs of your business.


360 degree feedback is not a replacement for a performance management framework nor should it be used as part of the disciplinary processes. 360 degree feedback is best used as a professional development tool to develop personal effectiveness; be it as part of a formal leadership programme or an individual personal development plan.

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