Profiles and Surveys

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung Over the last decade Cardinal Solutions has developed a suite of Profiles and Surveys that can help improve performance by reducing the blind-spots that exist at either the business or personal level. We are not a profiling and assessment company. The tools included here are tools we regularly use as part of our leadership and management development programmes. That means we have included them because we know they work.

360 Degree Feedback

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powerful personal development tools at management level is 360 degree feedback. Just as it name implies, this feedback about a leader’s performance comes from all perspectives; their direct reports, their own manager, peers, and sometimes even customers. More information

DISC / Success Insight Profiles

file-290483531 We are a distributor of the full range of Success Insights talent identification and development tools. Some of the most popular tools include the DISC Behaviour Profile, Workplace Motivator Profile and Talent Insights Profile. More information

Culture Survey

results 4 Are you looking for a way to find out how your employees really feel about your company? We can help! Our organisational culture survey gives your people the chance to voice what they see, feel and experience. The culture survey will provide valuable insights into why your company is performing the way it is; both the good and the bad. More information

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