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Leadership and management development programmes that get results!

We provide a range of services to help you get better results through the improved performance of your people. The team at Cardinal Solutions believe that the key catalyst for better results is better leadership. Better self-leadership, better people leadership and better organisational leadership. Over the last decade we have been working with businesses to help them achieve better results by growing their people into better leaders.

Who can our services help?


Developing the managers in your business into leaders is critical. Your business cannot afford to simply have managers, it must have leaders.

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Supervisors need to be more than just technical specialists within your business. They must also possess the ability to inspire, motivate and lead.

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Team Members

The reputation of your brand lives and dies on the quality of work created by your team members. If you want a stand-out business, you need stand-out people.

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Profile & Surveys

Are you looking for profiles, assessments and surveys to improve the performance of your people or business? Then we can help.

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We focus on getting you the results you want

  1. To get results you need the right tool. That’s why we will take the time to understand why you are looking to invest in training and what goals and outcomes you want to see achieved. This means that we can both have faith that the solution you invest in, is the right one for your needs.
  2. To get results the training must be relevant. Our design team will do what it takes to make the training as relevant to your business as possible. If that means changing language, activities, forms or templates then we will do it. This means you can be sure to get a customised structure and content designed to meet your unique needs.
  3. To get results the participants must be engaged. Learning is not a spectator sport! We pride ourselves on delivering an interactive, dynamic and fun environment. We believe people learn best when they are enjoying themselves and work hard to create an atmosphere that does just that. This means you can be sure the training will be geared towards maximum participation.
  4. It takes more than just training to get results. Training must not be an isolated event. That’s why we have developed a number of tools to ensure participants connect with their manager to set clear learning outcomes before the training and then to immediately put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to work after the training. This means we will help you to put the structures in place around the training to maximise the results and outcomes you are after.
  5. You need the right resources to get the right results. We are constantly creating and updating our range of tools, templates and processes to help make it easy for participants to put what they have learned into practise back in the workplace. These resources are not just provided in our high quality workbooks but are also made available for download from our website. This means that participants will have access to the resources they need long after the training has finished.
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