We help you get better results, by getting the best out of your people. Cardinal Solutions specialises in the delivery of high impact and unique team building, management and leadership development programmes. We truly believe in the human factor of business and over the last decade we have developed the experience, resources and tools necessary to help you get the best out of your people. The team at Cardinal Solutions pride ourselves on our approach to training; which is to deliver serious content in a fun and interactive way, that gets results.

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Recommended reads

Strategic leadership

Carolyn Taylor – ‘Walking the Talk’ – $29.99 Fishpond Ken Blanchard & Barbara Glanz – ‘The Simple Truths of Service’ – $21.98 Amazon Valerie A. Zeithaml – ‘Delivering Quality Service’ $23.61 Fishpond

Strategic leadership

David Rock – ‘Quiet Leadership’ – $17.85 Fishpond Jon Katzenbach & Douglas Smith – ‘The Wisdom of Teams’ – $21.58 Fishpond Terry Williams ‘The Brain Based Boss’ – $34.55 Fishpond

Self leadership

Kurek Ashley – ‘How Would Love Respond?’ – $29.55 Fishponds Pat Mesiti – ‘Attitudes and Altitudes’ – $19.95 Fishponds Brian Tracy – ‘Eat That Frog’ – $14.28 Fishponds

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