GCSB Upsetting The Nation: Bosses Who Spy Upset Workplace Culture

spyingOver the last few weeks thousands of protestors in more than eleven cities nationwide have taken to the streets to fight for their civil rights. Yes, I am talking about the protests against the GCSB bill that the government is trying to get passed through parliament. It turns out (funnily enough) that people who believe they live in a free and democratic society do not like the idea of being spied on.

This idea of having your privacy invaded is not just a governmental concern: it can also be a concern in the workplace. There is now new software available to allow bosses to track, monitor and manage remote employees from afar. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg–if you can think of it, there’s probably a way to track it. With more articles being written for concerned workers on ‘how to spot a spy’ or ‘how to know if your boss is tracking you’ it is evident this is a growing concern. As a leader of an organisation I understand that it is critical to know your business and your people. However, if we remember the lesson at the beginning of the article, going as far to spy on workers will most likely decrease the company culture, making your employees fell undervalued and mistrusted, which could lead to a decrease in loyalty and

So, how do you understand your business inside and out without making your people feel their privacy is being invaded? Well luckily there are a variety of surveys and profiles that can be used to great effect giving leaders and managers insight into their organisation and its people. Surveys are also carried out in the open – making your team’s opinions and thoughts feel valued as well. Using the correct survey can generate insights about employees, customers, and markets; and align PR, advertising, and other communications programs with target constituencies.

We don’t need to be nosey nellies to understand or get to know the people in our business. In fact this approach will probably give you less understanding and more guess work. When people feel they are being watched under a microscope the trust levels decrease and their willingness to share thoughts and ideas evaporate. This in turn creates a culture of lying and spying, leading an uneasy environment. If people are spending more time worrying about being watched than producing their latest report, it’s just simple maths that predicts the rate of productivity in the workplace will decrease.

However if leaders are open about understanding their people then a level of trust is automatically being built into the core ideas, thoughts and feelings in an open and honest manner. This approach leads to a great in-depth understanding of the organisation as a whole, of its people as individuals and improvements that would have lasting effects.

If you are interested in using a survey within your organisation then there are three tools that we at Cardinal Solutions have found to be extremely beneficial. The three tools I am referring to are:

  • Culture Survey
  • DISC Behaviour
  • 360 degree feedback

For more information on the DISC Behaviour Profile please feel free to download the disc whitepaper through the link below.


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