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red-stag-logoThis month the team at Cardinal are proud to show case one of our newest clients, Red Stag Timber.  An independent privately owned company, Red Stag Timber was established in 2003 to operate the Waipa Mill that was originally founded by the government in 1939 and subsequently privatised in 1996.  It is the biggest single site sawmill in New Zealand and Rotorua’s biggest private employer.

The mill operates on two 10-hour shifts, four days a week and amazingly produces all the energy its operation requires on site.  Each year, the mill processes a staggering 700,000 tonnes of logs (that’s over 18,000 truckloads) and produces over 400,000 cubic metres of lumber.

As a company Red Stag Timber takes staff development and training very seriously, viewing it as not just an investment in their people but also a key strategy to the ongoing success of the organisation.  Every year the company runs a number of different training initiatives, including:

  • Industry based qualifications (every year up to 30 employees gain a National Certificate);
  • Role-related technical development that may involve overseas training;
  • Health and safety systems based training; and
  • Leadership training.

Cardinal has partnered with Red Stag Timber to help with the ongoing leadership development of their team leaders and coordinators.  At the team leader level the focus has been on increasing the participants self -awareness of leadership styles and how to get the best out of people by being flexible in their approach.  For the coordinators the training has been directed at how to use quality management tools to uncover root causes during onsite problem solving activities.

Here’s what Melissa Bennett, the Human Resources and Health and Safety Manager, had to say when we asked her about how she has found working with Cardinal so far.

“Our Company is poised to become busier than ever before over the next few years due to expected increases in demand for our quality timber products.  To cope successfully with this, we must have a highly competent team of people driving their departmental objectives toward meeting business goals.  The training we have engaged Craig Burborough at Cardinal to deliver is tailor made to build on the leadership skills of our fantastic line managers.  This is supported by developing practical hands-on systems, thinking processes and tools to address any issue which arises – be it a maintenance problem, safety concern or a team issue. 

I am very impressed with Cardinal’s pre-course preparation and course organisation, which ensures we are both on the same page, in terms of pitch and content of the training delivery.  The feedback from our team members who have attended the workshops has been very positive.”

Like so many of our clients, Red Stag Timber is a very successful New Zealand owned and operated company that largely flies under the radar.  It has been a privilege getting an insight into their business and helping them to achieve their goals.

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